Kagame’s Praise-Singers At World Bank Changed Their Tune On Rwanda

By David Himbara

Former World Bank president and Kagame praise-singer Jim Yong Kim

The World Bank shamelessly proclaims General Paul Kagame’s Rwanda to have one of the world’s best environments for doing business. The fact that cronyism is rampant in Rwanda, whereby the ruling party businesses dominate the economy does not matter to Kagame’s praise-singers at the World Bank. The fact that neither the ruling party businesses nor state-owned enterprises issue annual reports or reveal how board members are elected does not matter to the World Bank. In short, corporate governance in Rwanda is unknown – which does not matter to the World Bank. How Rwandan crony system in which a tiny elite captured both the state and private sector becomes a leading business environment in the world is only known to the World Bank.

The 2019 World Bank’s Doing Business Report and Rwanda’s ranking was most embarrassing

The 2019 Doing Business Report ranked Rwanda 29th out of 190 countries. Leading economies such as Japan, France and Switzerland were said to be poor performers in comparison Rwanda as follows:

29 Rwanda

30 Spain

31 Russian Federation

32 France

33 Poland

34 Portugal

35 Czech Republic

36 Netherlands

37 Belarus

38 Switzerland

39 Japan.

In the 2020 Doing Business Report, the World Bank changed its tune, dropping Rwanda to 38th position.

In the rankings of 2020, the World Bank dropped Rwanda to 38th position. This time Japan and other leading economies were ranked ahead of Rwanda as follows:

28 Russian Federation

29 Japan

30 Spain

31 China

32 France

33 Turkey

34 Azerbaijan

35 Israel

36 Switzerland

37 Slovenia

38 Rwanda

The World Bank is perhaps finally embarrassed of praising Rwanda cronyism. Who knows.