Kagame Is Now Uganda’s Best Friend!

Kagame and Kaberuka (far) right.

By David Himbara

He Sent His Right Hand Man Kaberuka to Represent Him at the Funeral of the Late Governor of the Bank of Uganda, Tumusiime Mutebile

General Paul Kagame is suddenly Uganda’s best friend. You would never know that just weeks ago, Kagame regarded Uganda as evil – so much so that he took the extraordinary step of locking the border between Rwanda and Uganda for three years.

This insanity destroyed a US$300 million annual trade. Kagame has made a U-turn. In his latest show of love for Uganda, Kagame sent his right hand man Donald Kaberuka to represent him at the funeral of the late Governor of the Bank of Uganda, Tumusiime Mutebile.

Kagame’s message via Kaberuka was that Kaberuka’s presence at Mutebile’s funeral was a sign that the relationship between the two countries was fast moving towards a better future. Said Kaberuka: “Being here in the name of my President is a sign of the aspirations of the people of our two countries who want to live in peace.”

Crucially, the Rwanda-Uganda border opens tomorrow, January 31, 2022. Whatever food the Ugandan authorities are feeding Kagame, they must not stop.

Thousands upon thousands of Rwandans whose livelihoods depend on Uganda one way or another are most grateful for the unlocking of the border.

Stay tuned.