Kagame Keeps Deepening the Isolation of his North Korea of Africa

By David Himbara

Media Reports in South Africa and Uganda Indicate a Turn for the Worse in the two Countries’ Relations with Rwanda

South Africa recalled its ambassador from Rwanda and expelled Rwandan diplomats in 2014 for exporting death squads to that country. In 2019, General Paul Kagame locked up the Rwanda-Uganda border. Media reports in South Africa and Uganda indicate that the relationship between the two countries and Rwanda is deteriorating.

General Paul Kagame and his government never disappoint in generating bad news. On June 13, 2021, they grabbed media headlines in Uganda and South Africa. It was reported in Uganda that the Rwandan military seized but later released a Ugandan soldier at Chanika border post. This is a dangerous game Kagame is playing. Crossing a border and seizing a soldier on foreign territory is a declaration of war. Meanwhile, in South Africa, it was reported that Rwandan embassy officials are among foreign diplomats facing the possibility of expulsion for engaging in all manner of illegal activities. The isolation of Kagame’s North Korea of Africa’s isolation is deepening. Each passing year, the North Korea of Africa seals itself off even more tightly from the sub-region and the rest of the continent. Stay tuned.