Kagame knows that Museveni doesn’t forgive easily

When security operatives raided the NGO offices of Great lakes institute for strategic studies (GLISS) last month, they impounded computers, laptops and many other important documents including bank account transactions.

What shocked and disturbed security operatives was communications between the GLISS Executive Director Mr Godber Tumushabe and Rwanda’s external security, remember Godber had been active in funding the anti-Age limit uprising in Kampala and upcountry towns; thousands of T – shirts and posters impounded from Kampala youths were traced back to Godber.

Actually it was GLISS under Godber Tumushabe that single-handedly funded the benchmarking trip to Nigeria and South Africa for the opposition MPs led by their LOP. They learnt the tactics of fighting physically in parliament. Huge amounts of dollars were found on Godber Tumushabe’s account in DFCU. Billions were also found on GLISS account in stanbic bank. When M7 was briefed about Godbar Tumushabe’s connection to kigali, he was furious and he immediately orderd bank of Uganda to freeze his money..

Godber Tumushabe is a very shrewd guy, he single-handedly raised billions of money that run Amama Mbabazi campaign machine. He also convinced other prominent politicians like Hon Seggona, Mpuuga, Mao and Matembe to join Amama. No wonder M7 then pressurized money-loaded NGO ACODE to fire Godber as its Executive Director.

Kigali has been busy scheming for M7’s fall. Kagame knows very well that M7 doesn’t like him. He also knows that M7 doesn’t forgive easily. He takes his time but he eventually punishes his enemies. M7 will NEVER forgive kagame for killing hundreds of his bahima graduate cadets in Kisangani, most of them were 2nd lieutenants hailing from kiruhura and kazo districts. M7 was so bitter that he wanted to invade Rwanda but was restrained by British minister Clare short.

Kagame in his inner heart of hearts knows all of this. He knows M7’s smiles and handshakes are plastic. I can assure you if kagame is not careful his downfall will originate from Kampala I don’t think his project Kayihura Kale Karekezi will save him.

Sam Byaruhanga


  1. Museveni’s fall could originate from Kigali too Mr Sam.Do not underestimate any of the duo who know each other better than you do

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