Kagame Just Won A Global Award For Attracting Tourists

Kagame in love with his latest medal 🏅

But How Does Rwanda Compare To Its East African Neighbours In Earning Tourism Dollars? Let Money Talk, Not Medals


By David Himbara

On November 6, 2017, Rwanda President Paul Kagame received an award for attracting tourists. The award was given to Kagame by the World Travel Market, an annual global tourism and trade fair. Kagame jetted to London, UK, to receive his latest award – accompanied by his daughter Ange Kagame.

Special advisor Ange and friends

So how did Kagame manage to win an award for “making Rwanda an attractive destination for visitors?” What is the measurement used here?

Competition for tourism earnings shows us an entirely different picture

On your marks, get set – go!

Tourism is highly competitive. Let us consult the 2017 World Tourism Organization Report to get a sense of who are winning larger tourism receipts. Below is what each East African country earned from tourism in 2016.

  • Tanzania.. US$2.1 billion;
  • Kenya…… US$824 million;
  • Uganda…. US$768 million;
  • Rwanda…. US$390 million

Tanzania is on top, with earnings of over US$2 billion. Rwanda is in the last place – Burundi’s data is not available.

Kagame, please return the award.