Kagame Lucrative Bromance with the Blairs Took a New Turn – Enter Pegasus

By David Himbara

Tony Blair and General Paul Kagame (top) and Cherie Blair with Rwanda Attorney General and Justice Minister Johnson Busingye.


Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has been embedded ­inside General Paul Kagame’s government for over a decade. Blair’s instituteboasts that “since 2008, we have been working alongside the Government of Rwanda to strengthen the systems and structures that are behind the country’s remarkable economic transformation.”

Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie Blair, has deep roots in Kagame’s Rwanda, too. For example, she cashed in by representing General Karake Karenzi in court following his arrest in London for an international warrant for war crimes against civilians.

Kagame’s relationship with the Blairs took a new turn. It turns out that Cherie Blair is the ‘ethics adviser’ to the Israeli firm, NSO Group, whose Pegasus Spyware Kagame deploys extensively to hack African leaders and those he considers enemies. Stay tuned.