Kagame Must Suspend Arsenal’s Visits To Rwanda -Team Manager Is COVID19-Positive

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame is an avid fan of his “beloved club”, Arsenal. He regularly offered his views on club matters in the past decade. Kagame also flies to the UK to watch his beloved team. Then, Kagame dropped a bombshell in May 2018. He chose to spend £30 million or US$37.7 million for putting Rwanda’s name on the sleeve of Arsenal’s football shirts as a means of promoting tourism. The team members also come to Rwanda to coach football to youngsters. We now have bad news. The BBC is reporting that Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager, has tested positive for coronavirus. The club has closed its training ground and club staff who had contact with Arteta will now self-isolate. Kagame must not allow any Arsenal team members to enter Rwanda.