“Yolande MUKAGASANA’s remarks on Kizito MIHIGO made me sick” – Venant NKURUNZIZA.

“Kizito, I don’t judge your deed. See how your death is being exploited by the enemies of your homeland. Nothing is more destructive than never being satisfied with who you are and what you have.”



Reading the above statement of Yolande Mukagasana I become not only shocked but also sick. Imagine someone who doesn’t care about someone’s death but she cares only about how the so called enemies of KIZITO MIHIGO’s homeland believed in him for being the true man of peace and reconciliation!

It sounds like Yolande Mukagasana saw the unexpected, wondering how a simple Tutsi such as Kizito Mihigo was loved and respected by many Rwandans Hutu and Tutsi alike, inside and outside of Rwanda, and even by foreigners. Something which has never happened to any high authority.

Let me remind this woman something : Kizito Mihigo is not just a simple Tutsi to us but a Hero to many Africans and foreigners who heard his message of the true reconciliation through his beautiful songs. We loved him alive and we will continue to love him till the end of ages.

To Yolande “nothing is more destructive than never being satisfied with who you are and what you have.” But to Kizito Mihigo nothing is more destructive than selfishness, division and hatred. Although Kizito was a Tutsi with many opportunities, he quickly realized that supporting apartheid politics is more dangerous and damaging than dying for what for what he believed in. That’s why through his songs he preferred to oppose such bad politics by reminding that Hutu who were killed by RPF/INKOTANYI were also human beings. And those Hutu who lost theirs should also have been given chance for public remembrance and mourning for them. Is this a crime Mrs Mkagasana? Ohhh yes it is, because he was speaking out for the Hutu treated as second class citizens under the RPF power.

To conclude, I tell this woman MUKAGASANA that the enemies of Kizito’s homeland are those who killed him not those who love him and strive for his justice. The enemies of Rwanda are those who are still jealous of Kizito Mihigo just because he is so loved even after his death. Therefore the enemies of Rwanda are those who don’t understand Kizito Mihigo’s achievements for peace and reconciliation in Rwanda. You killed him yet you will never kill his legacy and inheritance (peace & reconciliation). Thus, those who are enemies of peace and reconciliation are the real true enemies of Kizito Mihigo’s homeland.