Kagame Newspapers Are Embarrassing Him — Case Of KT Press And Mukankusi Passport

By David Himbara

KT Press said that Uganda President Yoweri Museveni met Charlotte Mukankusi and even issued her a Ugandan passport. The paper says Mukankusi was in Uganda on a mission to destabilize Rwanda.

For evidence that Uganda issued Mukankusi a passport, KT Press showed two photographs — one of the supposedly new Ugandan passport, the other said to be her Rwandan passport.

This so-called journalism by KT Press is most embarrassing for their client, the ruler of Rwanda, General Paul Kagame.

First, the birthday on both passports is Mbarara, Uganda, which means Mukankusi is, in fact, a Ugandan.

Second, the passport owner’s signature on the two documents is different, which means these are forgeries.

In addition, any passport issued by Uganda since November 2018 is biometrical with a chip. This forged Mukankusi’s Ugandan ’passport’ doesn’t pass that test.

Furthermore, all Ugandan passports are valid for ten years. The faked Mukankusi Uganda ’passport’ is for only five years.

Kagame deserves KT Press — both are crude and utterly bankrupt of any decency.