Kagame Owns Britain

His Nomination of a Confessed Kidnapper as Ambassador to the UK, Johnston Busingye, Is Proof

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame believes he owns Britain. Kagame’s nomination of his former minister of justice, Johnston Busingye, as ambassador to the UK is proof of Kagame’s arrogance.

Kagame and Busingye publicly admitted to kidnapping Paul Rusesabagina, a Belgian national and US permanent resident, from the United Arab Emirates.

Soon after the Kagame-Busingye admission to the extraordinary rendition of Rusesabagina, Kagame dropped Busingye as his Justice Minister.

Arrogantly, Kagame exported Busingye to the UK as Rwanda’s ambassador. All eyes are on the UK government.

Will the Boris Johnson government accept Busingye, a confessed kidnapper, as Rwandan ambassador to the UK?

Kagame believes this is a no-brainer – his British puppets will hold their noses and accept Busingye.

Stay tuned.