Kagame’s Man in the UK, Conservative MP Mitchell Earning a Fortune from Rwanda – Says a British Newspaper, UnHerd

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame’s man in the UK, Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell is earning a fortune in Rwanda. This is revealed by a British newspaper, UnHerd, in an article by Ian Birrell titled “Andrew Mitchell’s friends in Rwanda.”

Per the article, Mitchell is being paid £39,600 a year by the Rwanda-based SouthBridge to advise “on African matters”.

As Birrell further explains, this fee from Rwanda works out to be an impressive £4,400 a day, and “is one of six consultancies that earn Mitchell £182,600 annually – more than double his salary as MP.”

SouthBridge’s managing partner is Donald Kaberuka, while its managing director is John Birungi.

Kaberuka was Rwanda’s finance minister before Kagame campaigned for him to lead the African Development Bank (AfDB), after which Kaberuka returned to Rwanda to assist Kagame reform the African Union (AU).

John Birungi is the former chief executive of Crystal Ventures Ltd, the US$500 million business empire of Kagame’s ruling party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).

What happened to this man, Andrew Mitchell?

Stay tuned.