Kagame Propaganda Papers Claim Rwanda Is Launching Satellite And Is Set To Build Space Industry

By David Himbara

You Can Watch The Live Launch Of OneWeb ☝🏿

Kagame propaganda newspapers have gone mad. The headline in one of them, KT Press, shouts that ”Rwanda launches a satellite.” The other Kagame propaganda paper, the New Times, says that Rwanda’s launch of the satellite ”is a symbol of the country’s commitment to build the local space industry.

Exaggerations from Rwanda are getting out of hand. Today, you hear that the country attracted over US$2 billion of foreign investments in one year. Then you hear that Rwanda is about to build nuclear power plants. And now, Rwanda is going into space. Rwanda can’t even a railway let alone go into space.

What these Kagame propagandists are lying about is a project called OneWeb ironically founded by Greg Wyler whom Kagame drove out of Rwanda in 2007. Wyler had bought Rwandatel which Kagame grabbed from him— Rwandatel later collapsed. Wyler then founded OneWeb.

The purpose of OneWeb is to send hundreds of satellites into the lower space to provide global Internet broadband service to the World’s unconnected. Today, on February 27, 2019, at 16:37, US Eastern time, OneWeb is launching its first bunch of satellites on board an Arianespace Soyuz rocket from French Guiana.

This is the OneWeb’s first big step toward achieving its goal of connecting the unconnected. Rwanda as one of the poorest unconnected countries in the world hopes that OneWeb venture succeeds.

After dumping Wyler, the founder of OneWeb, Kagame sweet-talked him into letting Rwanda become a beneficiary of the project. Wyler was even invited to Kagame’s so-called Smart Africa Summit in Kigali in May 2018. Wonders never cease in Kagame’s Rwanda.