By Dr Charles Kambanda

Kagame, the President of Rwanda, has finalized a white elephant civilian applications satellite project ” deal” with Kagame, the businessman.

In the insane “deal”, Kagame will ” partner” with One-Web to purchase a civilian applications satellite. WorldVu will manufacture the satellite for Rwanda. Rwanda is expected to launch the civilan applications satellite soon; it’s NOT a military or dual use satillite.

Kagame is a shareholder in WorldVu. World Vu is the manufacturer of the satellite Rwanda is to launch. Kagame invested about $50 million for 1.2% shares in WorldVu. Other shareholders in WorldVu are: Qualcom, Virgin, Airbus, 1110 Ventures, Wyler Trust, Bharti, Huges, Coca-Cola, Group Salinas, Intersat, F&F and Softbank.

WorldVu is a subsidiary of One-Web. Kagame is one of the shareholders in One-Web. Softbank is a majority shareholder in One Web. Tony Blair is associated with One Web and Softbank.

Since its creation, in 2016, WorldVu operates at $234 million loss annually. Trump administration does not do business with specific satellite manufacturers, including WorldVu. WorldVu expected to secure contracts from the US government given WorldVu’s alleged connection with President Bill Clinton.

In a bid to create market for WorldVu satellites, Kagame has committed Rwanda to a contract with WorkdVu to manufacture and maintain a civilian applications satellite. The satellite will cost Rwanda about $250 million plus about $15,000 monthly ( $150,000 annually) maintainance fee. It’s not known how much the technical staff to run the satellites project will cost annually. The money for this white elephant project will come from a loan, to be provided by Obe-Web and Softbank.

1. What are the expected advantages of the Satellite project compared to costs? 

2. Which pressing problem is launching a satillite meant to solve for Rwanda?

3. Who did due diligence fir Rwanda to contract WorldVu, a company that operates at such terrible loss annually?

4. What about Kagame’s stinking conflict of interest?

5. Did any public instituion vet this project or it’s Kagane’s scam to siphon public funds?

6. In the likely event that WorldVu goes bankrupt, after launching the Satellite, won’t Rwanda get stuck with that satellite?