Kagame, Queen Elizabeth, Rusesabagina, and the Commonwealth Summit – An Embarrassing Situation

By David Himbara

The UK government and the British queen, Queen Elizabeth II, who is also the head of the Commonwealth which comprises 54 countries, are in an embarrassing situation.

General Paul Kagame is set to host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

Here is the problem – Kagame and his former justice minister Johnston Busingye have admitted having engaged in the extraordinary rendition and kidnapping of Paul Rusesabagina, a Belgian national and a permanent resident of the United States.

After kidnapping Rusesabagina, the Kagame regime threw him into prison and sentenced him to 25 years after a show trial.

So now, the host of the forthcoming CHOGM is a confessed kidnapper who publicly stated that Rusesabagina was lured to Rwanda in a “flawless” operation. There is more to this unfolding embarrassment.

As the CHOGM host, Kagame will remain its face until the next CHOGM is held in two years when Kagame passes the baton to the next host.

The British power elites may still surprise the world by diverting this disaster – stay tuned.