Kagame rallies RPF cadres he had forgotten for nearly 20 years.

The Chairperson of the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), President Paul Kagame, yesterday told senior cadres of the party that it is not characteristic of the Rwandan people to let go of their dignity without any resistance. His excellence Paul Kagame had given up on the cadres after capturing Rwanda in 1994. With no jobs after the war some of the cadres died other flee the country due to corruption and Akazu, now the west having highlighted Kagame’s activities and how he has been destabilising the region plus killing innocent people, his excellence Mr Kagame has gone back to where he started. (Mbega Gusaba Uwowimye…..)

President Paul Kagame The President made the remarks during the party’s National Executive Committee meeting held in Kigali, where he gave a briefing on the situation and back ground to the Congo crisis. Rwanda has been continuously blamed for the crisis despite the lack of credible evidence. The allegations have resulted to some donors cutting or withholding aid to Rwanda then later suggesting that the deferred support will be extended if Rwanda behaves well.

“What does behaving well mean? How do you measure good behavior?” Kagame wondered. He observed that when such decisions are made in an attempt to punish Rwandans, yet they are based on false allegations, it is as good as taking away the dignity of Rwandan people which they should not accept. President Kagame told the leaders that they can resist such attempts by working hard towards developing the country.

He commended the recently established Agaciro Development Fund, saying that it serves as a stepping stone for more brilliant ideas as well as a demonstration that Rwandans have the right attitude to take the country to greater heights. Agaciro Development Fund is a solidarity fund set up by Rwandans, that Rwandans from all walks of life voluntarily contribute to. The collections will be used to fund various developmental projects across the country. “It is the spirit, the principle that matters most,” Kagame said, adding that the thought of the fund is exceptional and it is the responsibility of the leaders to transform such ideas to action to produce results needed to achieve the country’s goals.

He told the senior cadres that while the allegations leveled against Rwanda are shocking, they are not surprising at all as it is not something new. To Rwanda, the international community has acted as the judge and jury – with the United Nations, which would otherwise have been neutral and balanced, being at the center of the controversy.

A report by the UN group of experts on Congo attempted to provide evidence that Rwanda is fuelling the conflict in the DRC, without giving Rwanda a chance to respond to the allegations. The report began to lose credibility after the evidence provided turned out to be fabrications. However, the President pointed out that the damage was already done, as Rwanda had already been deemed guilty. “The way we see the world today, it is not fully honest. The truth is not used all the time,” President Kagame noted. He added that while Rwandans must fight for the truth without compromising their dignity, they also have to learn to survive in the part of the world that is not fully honest. “The truth is not being used all the time. We have to know both sides and learn how to deal with each side. You have to live in both worlds,” the President said. RPF will celebrate its 25th anniversary on December 15, this year and various activities including support to the vulnerable, have been line up in the build up to the silver jubilee. President Kagame told the RPF cadres that at 25 years, the party may still be in its infancy, however, its achievements and goals show that the party has come from far and still has a long way to go.

Source: inyenyeri news


  1. The truth according to Kagame is to deny Hutu community to remember their own killed by his regime…..Kagame should be the last person to preach truth to Rwandans because we Know him to be a lies cook….

  2. The truth, we carry it in our hearts. Even when we are forced to deny it. Rpf is no different from MRND these days and that’s so scary. Everyone has to be in it, like the bible says: ‘he who is not with me is against me’. That shouldn’t be the case if we’re fighting for democracy.

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