Kagame Received Chinese Aid Comprising 900 TV Sets To Install In Villages😂

By David Himbara

In 2016, General Paul Kagame ordered his government to set a deadline for ending Rwanda’s dependence on foreign aid. The Rwandan ruler repeated his favorite phrases — dependency on foreign aid does two things. First, foreign cripples self-reliance. Second, aid defiles the dignity of the people of Rwanda. Kagame’s proclamation went as follows:

”It is better to face things the hard way and go straight to the heart of any problem. Therefore, among the decisions of this Umushyikirano, we should resolve to set a deadline, which should come sooner rather than later, after which Rwanda will no longer be waiting for what others hand out to us.”

Fast forward to May 2019. Kagame just received foreign aid from China comprising 900 television sets to install in Rwandan villages. The aid package is valued at US$6 million. A Rwandan newspaper reported the Chinese foreign aid in form of televisions as follows:

”Chinese Embassy in Rwanda has fully installed television sets to public places…The installed public Television sets include; satellite dishes, decoders, solar panels…With installation of over 900 television sets across 30 districts in the country, beneficiaries are expected to be gathering at public places to watch news, government programs, sports, among others…For Rwanda only, public television penetration has been installed at a tune of over$6Million.”

Kagame, you are a total disgrace to Rwanda and Africa. How could stoop so low as to receive foreign aid in form television sets?