Kagame refuses his political opponents to fly back home

Leaders of the Rwandan political party Ishema were on Wednesday 23/11 on their way back home, but instead found themselves blocked in transit at Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya.

Rwandan authorities demanded Kenya Airways not to allow them onboard on the flight they were meant to take from Nairobi to Kigali.

ISHEMA Party is a young formation of Rwandan politicians from the opposition. Their party was established in 2013 in exile. They call themselves of the Young Generation, because they haven’t had any prior political responsibilities in the affairs of their country. Instead, one would say there were victims of bad past and present politics as the majority of their compatriots.

At the time when they were going to aboard their Kenya Airways flight, the transport company staff told them that they couldn’t go on the aeroplane, because apparently, Kigali had instructed them not to allow them back home.

For more details about the incident, please read the press release (in French) published by Ishema team, while blocked in transit, at Nairobi airport.

The team blocked in Nairobi consists of:

Thomas Nahimana (45 years old)
Venant Nkurunziza (33 years old)
Ms Claire Nadine Kasinge (36 years old)
KEJO Skyler (7 months old)

The last member of the team is a baby of Ms Claire Nadine Kasinge. Until the blockage issue is sorted out by Rwandan authorities, the delegation has apparently decided to go on hunger strike in the transit area of Kenyatta International Airport.

Ambrose Nzeyimana