There is no more hope left for Rwanda refugees to return home

Jean Paul Ndindamahina

When I see what is happening around the world, from eastern Aleppo in Syria, Eastern DR in Congo, Somalia and other parts of the world that we witness conflict that causes people to leave their home, their children being washed

on the sea, people being killed we feel anguished and sorry for what happening and obviously our mind are occupied with that leaving behind those countries where a dictator is murdering his own people in silence until the war break out and cause another catastrophe and that is when the world starts to notice that something was secretly going wrong.

Rwanda is a country that 22 years ago suffered a flood of genocide where minority Tutsis were murdered by a regime that owed them protection and on other hand, the genocide occurred because the current president together with his current minister of defence took arms against government and started a 4 year sanguinary war that almost wiped out the Rwandan on map and the reason being was “as refugees, we were not allowed to come back home” President Kagame said during BBC hard talk.

He is now the president of Rwanda but he cannot allow those who are critics to his leadership to come back home! The international community has helped him in his tactics to eliminate his critics whom he accuses taking part in the genocide against Tutsis-After accusation, countries such as Canada, USA blindly deport these Kagame critics for torture and for injustice.

The world has forgotten us, we are no longer creatures who deserve mercy. We are in the hands of a dictator and can pull us whenever he wants us to be.

Jean Paul Ndindamahina