Kagame Says Volkswagen Is Building Cars In Rwanda. VW Says It Is Not. Who Do We Believe?

By David Himbara

Is Volkswagen building cars in Rwanda? The answer depends on who is answering the question.

Kagame Says Yes

President Paul Kagame’s answer is a definite yes. According to him, “some found it hard to believe that German cars could really be built in Rwanda. Yet today, the first vehicles are rolling off the assembly line.” Listen to Kagame — in his own words.

Kagame explaining how German cars are rolling off the assembly line in Rwanda.

Volkswagen Says No

According to Volkswagen spokesperson, the company built a complete plant that is assembling cars and trucks in Kenya. In the case of Rwanda, Volkswagen has brought an Uber-like solution and knocked down car kits. Here is a Volkswagen official explaining what the company has done in Kenya and Rwanda.

VW spokesperson explaining the difference between the company’s activities in Kenya and Rwanda.

So between Kagame and Volkswagen, who are we to believe? Do we believe Kagame who says Volkswagen is building cars in Rwanda? Or do we believe Volkswagen which says they are not building cars in Rwanda? The US$20 Million Volkswagen has invested in Rwanda settles the question. Anyone who believes you can build a car assembly with that kind of money needs serious medical attention.