What people didn’t know when security services shot the refugees of Kiziba : The testimony of a policeman (Part 1)

A refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo is seen with her children as they prepare a meal near the UNHCR offices in Karongi District
  • The Police dressed like civilians joined the protestors with an intention of turning peaceful demonstration into violent so , they  began to throw stones at the police so that they would find  what to accuse the refugees.
  • There were bags to put the corpses
  • There are refugees who have fallen into the lake when the police started firing bullets at them.
  • Journalists were denied access  to the place where demonstration took place 

It was 20-22 February this year, when Congolese refugees staying in Kiziba camp protested against the UNHCR and the Rwandan government. They reclaimed the insufficiency of food and other basic needs. They asked the UNHCR to find possible means to return them back home. But before the demonstrations the refugees had written several letters explaining how they were not satisfied with services they were given like insufficient food, discrimination on labor market. But all was in vain.

Despite the protests that were peacefully organized , the Rwandan National Police chose to stop these demonstrations by using extraordinary forces (bullets).

Testimony of a police officer who was in this operation

In secret a policeman who was in this mission gave us the testimony of what people and the media did not know about this scenario.

He told us how on first day they shot in the sky as a way of intimidating them to stop demonstrating. When refugees continued , they started shooting live and one was injured in the leg but they kept advancing to the UNHCR office in Karongi district ,  Western province  of Rwanda.

“The refugees came out to the offices of UNHCR in Karongi , after which our commanders directed us to shoot at refugees to intimidate them. We wounded one of them, but the refugees continued to the UNHCR office and their arms were in the air. They did not have any tool to fight with us. “(It was the first day)

The second day

The refugees were in front of the UNHCR office in Karongi. They were singing gospel songs and preaching the word of God . The policeman told us that they took 10 -15 minutes to give the message of the cause of the demonstration .There was also a circulation of refugees who remained in the camp who brought food to the demonstrators.

“Refugees had great solidarity. Those who stayed in the camp were bringing food to help the protesters who were in front of the UNHCR office, but this did not last long because the police put a large barrier in front of the camp to stop those movements.“ Policeman said.

Third day: an unforgettable day for the refugees of Kiziba 15 dead and more than twenty were wounded

“The governor of the western province Alphonse Munyentwali and the police commissioner in western province of Rwanda, Rutikanga Rodgers asked the refugees to separate. They asked women and children to go to their side so that, they would  fight with men only, but the refugees did not execute this request from the governor and the police commissioner “. Policeman said.

 The policeman told us how they started firing bullets at the refugees.

He said, “They refused to return to the camp and our commanders gave us permission to separate them using the forces of rifles and tear gas.”

According to the policeman the number of died people as it was mentioned by the spokesman of the Rwanda National Police CP Theos Badege was incorrect.

“The spokesman of the National Police Theos Badege is a liar! It is not 5 people who died in that scenario, it’s 15! And more twenty were wounded”.

He added that there were some refugees who fell in Lake Kivu when they were throwing bullets and tear gas at them.

In the second part we will tell you how CP RUTIKANGA RODGERS   briefed the doctors to inject the poisons the wounded because they brought noise in the hospital.


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