Kagame Should Apply His Military Decisiveness in Accounting for Public Assets

By David Himbara

Enterprises Owned by the State, Ruling Party and the Military Must Disclose Financial Operations and Ownership

General Paul Kagame moves with decisiveness in military affairs. See how his military won battles in Mozambique.

The Rwandan strongman should apply same mindset in ending the chronic loss of taxpayers’ money.

The Auditor-General has shown how US$80 million of Rwanda’s pension is invested in companies that have not paid a cent.

Government can’t account for over US$280 million of contracts and projects.

Kagame is the only authority in Rwanda responsible for the appointment and dismissal of public servants from Chief Justice to a clerk in parliament, per Article 112 of the Rwandan Constitution.

He must therefore hold his appointees accountable by mandating audited financial reports of state-owned enterprises, ruling party and military businesses.

These companies must disclose major share ownership, remuneration of board members and key executives, and their qualifications and selection process.

Rwanda joined the OECD Development Centre in 2019. The OECD Principles of Corporate Governance call for exactly this transparency.

Stay tuned.