Rwanda: 3 civilians killed by security forces in the north.

By Erasme Rugemintwaza

In Rwanda, you can’t go a week without hearing about the shooting of civilians by the security forces. Why the persistence of this barbaric behavior of the Rwandan security forces in the country which nevertheless qualifies itself as a peaceful country where it is better to live?

According to information reaching The Rwandan,  thursday, October 16, 2021, the security forces operating in the district of Gicumbi shot dead 3 inhabitants at Kabuga near the Rushaki business center in the district of Gicumbi and immediately took away their bodies!

According to information we got from local population, all the victims are from the North Province, Gicumbi district. The victims of this shooting are Hakizimana Théophile and Nsabimana from Ndarama village, Cyamuganga cell, Mukarange sector and Athanase Niyonzima from Nyacyoroma village, Gatenga cell, Mukarange sector.

A local resident told The Rwandan that the three men were shot dead on Thursday evening, October 14, 2021, on suspicion of being part of a gang of smugglers who are importing an illegal liquor named Waragi (Kanyanga) from Uganda.

But people who know the victims well, say that they are ordinary citizens who are masons. And that even on the day of their shooting, they had spent the day in their ordinary work. What shocked the public was that security forces brought cans of Waragi (Kanyanga) to the crime scene with the intention of accusing the victims of being smugglers.

What continues to worry the public is that the shooting has become a deplorable habit in the area, because there is another person who was shot two weeks ago. What is even more intriguing is that the body of the one who was shot dead two weeks ago by the security forces and the 3 killed this Thursday, October 14, 2021, were taken away by the security forces; their families did not have the right to pay them any decent funeral ceremony.

The death penalty has been abolished in Rwanda, even a Warage smuggler should not be shot but rather brought to justice.