Kagame, the President Sells Mukamira Diary to Kagame, the Businessman

Mukamira Dairy Ltd, which was government-owned, is a milk-processing plant valued at approximately Rwf5.6 billion (USD7 million) based in northern Rwanda.

It is the second largest milk processing plant in Rwanda – the largest being Inyange Industries which is part of the Kagame ruling party’s Crystal Ventures Ltd.

In the Rwandan cabinet meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame on November 11, 2016, it was decided that “the shares of Mukamira Dairy be sold to Crystal Ventures Ltd.”

Kagame the businessman is laughing all the way to the bank after Kagame the president sold him a milk factory. Kagame’s Crystal Ventures Ltd now has a total milk monopoly in Rwanda.

In any other country on the planet such action would not only be considered scandalous but a criminal activity indicating a crude conflict of interest.

But in Rwanda, conflict of interest is a way of life perpetuated by the man who should prevent it – the president of the republic.

David Himbara