Rwanda: Without democracy and human rights; forget about economic growth

By Gakwerere

Bratislava is the Capital city of Slovakia, a city that is moulded in communism history and rejuvenated itself in capitalism ideals since the fall of communism block in 1990. When the dissolution of Czechoslovakia happened in 1993, Bratislava became the capital of Slovakia. In 1993 this city was experiencing massive unemployment, with around 70% of residents being unemployed.

The steel mill and manufacturing factory that had previously employed most of the city dwellers had shut down after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1993, Slovakia’s per capita income was lower than that of Rwanda; the country had higher inflation to that of Rwanda, the economy of Slovakia had collapsed.

Now, 24 years down the line, Bratislava is an envied and an inspirational capital with Multinational Companies opening offices on daily basis. Currently, unemployment within Bratislava metropolitan is at around 5% and this are not doctored figures like criminal Paul Kagame’s fabrications. Just last week, Bratislava was ranked as the third richest region of the European Union by GDP (PPP) per capita after Hamburg and Luxembourg City.

What you see in Bratislava is real growth, real employment opportunities for the young and real distribution of wealth. Unlike in Kagame’s delusional Capital of African Singapore – Kigali where the economy is at the dogs, unemployment hitting the roofs and 80% of business transactions are under the control of criminal Paul Kagame’s family. Basically, the economy of Rwanda is under one family, to the extent of even awarding themselves the tender of cleaning Kigali city.

The Danube river divides old Bratislava from new Bratislava, old side of the city provides historical underpin from Hungarian Kingdom with medieval churches that show the mark of Christianity since the 10th Century.

In 1993, after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia into two independent states of Czech and Slovakia, the founding fathers of Slovakia – Michal Kováč inherited a country that had economically collapsed with all sorts of economic challenges. To come out of this, the first president of this nation embarked in building a highly trained human capital. The focus was on tertiary institution and universities for this set of vision to succeed.

Now, his dreams have paid off. Slovaks are among the well-educated and trained in Europe, they are highly employable all over Europe because they have the necessary skills for the market.

While other leaders envision that economic growth can only be achieved by having a well-trained and educated human capital, the Rwandan junta sees otherwise. The criminal ruler has totally destroyed the fabric of Rwanda’s education system. In Africa, it is only in Rwanda that students don’t have free government scholarships while joining Universities or other tertiary institutions.

Other African Countries have specific number of students that their respective governments sponsor in Universities; in Rwanda this is not the case. All students have to apply for a student’s loan and this is to be paid back after a student graduates. Than adopting the western education system that advances human capital development, the criminal ruler opted to introduce the western system of students’ loan in his little kingdom.

Now, Rwanda has underdeveloped human capital, with the lowest skilled ration in the region. The criminal Junta has managed to develop a zombie mindset populace. Just try and have a debate with those who have gone through the junta’s education system, there sense of reasoning and grasp of current or historical perspective are reminiscent of Japanese functioning robots in a Toyota factory. They are auto tuned and all reason from the same angle.

Just yesterday, than talking about contemporary issues affecting Rwandans or debating on social – political and economic issues engulfing the poor nation; Rwanda’s buffoon parliament embarked on a day of attacking Human Right Watch and its current leader – Kenneth Roth, due to the organisation’s constant noble work of denouncing continuous gross violations of human rights in the country.

The main reasons to why different MNCs are opening operational centres in Slovakia’s capital – Bratislava, it’s mainly because of the well trained, educated and young human capital; democracy @100%, next to zero crime rate, flexible tax policies, infrastructure and the cosmopolitan mixture of the capital. You can never have economic growth under an authoritarian – dictatorship, it is only retards that would envision or believe that.

Without democracy and human rights; forget about economic growth, prosperity for all, middle income creation, social justice, fairness….etc. Now, we have a poor nation that depends highly on donor funds/Aid with around 50% of her national budget being externally funded, with high levels of stinking poverty referring to itself as the Singapore of Africa. SICK SUCKERS!!