Kagame, When Will You Visit Rwanda Again? (Satire😂)

Dear Paul Kagame, it was wonderful to see you recently when you last visited Rwanda on May 8, 2018. Your successor, President Ines Mpambara made the right choice when she decided to invite you to deliver the keynote address at Transform Africa Summit.

After all, Paul, as a visionary transformative leader, you dreamt and created Transform Africa when you were still the president of the Republic of Rwanda. Her Excellency Mpambara who replaced you as head of state has kept the same spirit of transforming Africa. That is wonderful. We need continuity.

So, Dear Paul, how goes your new life in the United States? I hope change has been good to you and your fabulous family. You deserve a good rest after transforming Rwanda and Africa. What amazing achievements! Your legacy will live on forever. No other African statesman comes even close.


By the way, we recently saw in CNN and NBC news that your son graduated with flying colors — he is now a proud MBA holder. Congratulations are in order. Does he have any interest in working in Rwanda? I am most certain he would make a great finance minister in the Mpambara government.

Rwandan head of state, Her Excellency Ines Mpambara


Meanwhile, Paul, while you are enjoying life in America, things are terrible in your homeland. President Mpambara is faced with a disastrous situation. The rains have caused havoc. Unknown numbers have lost their lives. The Mpambara government has not been forthcoming in this regard — the government claims that only 200 people were killed by flooding and landslides. The damage to roads is horrible.

Rwanda-Uganda-Kenya highway destroyed.


Dear Paul, I conclude my letter with a request, please. I beg you to make an emergency visit to Rwanda right away and help the Mpambara government with this horrendous crisis. I realize that this is too much to ask. After all, you were in Rwanda recently on March 8, 2018 — coming back after 12 days since your last visit may inconvenience you. But your incredible leadership abilities are badly missed. With all due respect, President Mpambara is no Paul Kagame. Please come back and save Rwanda. Only you can do it.😂

Most Sincerely,

Concerned Citizen H.