Kagame’s 2021 Top Six Reckless Decisions With International Consequences – Cast Your Vote for the Most Insane Decision

By David Himbara

Autocratic rulers make terrible decisions with horrendous consequences. General Paul Kagame who is characterized by recklessness and excessive attention-seeking had his fair share in 2021.

I invite you, my readers, to vote for Kagame’s most terrible decision from the list below. Inbox me your vote.

(1) Kidnapping Paul Rusesabagina, a Belgian/EU citizen and an American permanent resident.

(2) Nominating Johnston Busingye an ambassador to the UK, despite the fact that Busingye was the minister that directly handled Rusesabagina’s abduction and show trial.

(3) Refusing to re-open the international border between Rwanda and Uganda which Kagame closed in 2019, which has destroyed a US$271 million trade.

(4) Deploying Israeli-made Pegasus spyware to hack over 3,000 people, including South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

(5) Acquiring new debt of US$620 million which brings Rwanda’s external debt to US$7.4 billion or 80 percent of the country’s GDP.

(6) Continuing to pay Kagame’s favourite English football team Arsenal £10 million a year for wearing “visit Rwanda” on shirt sleeves which supposedly brings tourists to Rwanda.

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