Kagame’s Boss, Patrick Pouyanné, Flew Directly to Mozambique

Patrick Pouyanné

By David Himbara

 Patrick Pouyanné, flew to Mozambique after consulting with the Rwandan Strongman and announced that TotalEnergies is ready to relaunch its US$20 Billion gas project, thanks to Kagame’s military for hire

If any evidence were needed to show that General Paul Kagame rents his mercenary military to the highest bidder, look no further than the case of the French multinational TotalEnergies.

The company’s US$20 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in northern Mozambique was halted by an insurgent group until the French hired Kagame’s military to secure and guard the facilities in 2021.

Fast forward to January 30, 2022 – the Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies Patrick Pouyanné jetted to Kigali to consult with the Rwandan strongman, and a day later flew to Mozambique.

There, Pouyanné announced that TotalEnergies is ready to relaunch. As he explained, “My objective is that we will restart in 2022…A lot of progress has been done and frankly in a very short period of time.”

The dance involving TotalEnergies and Kagame’s mercenary army couldn’t be any clearer. The question remains the amount of cash involved – stay tuned.