Kagame’s Recent Visitor Patrick Pouyanné Announces US$10 Billion Investment in Uganda’s Energy Sector

Uganda’s head of state Yoweri Museveni and TotalEnergies’ Patrick Pouyanné witnessing the announcement of the Uganda’s oil and gas project – photo by Petroleum Authority of Uganda

By David Himbara

After his visits to Rwanda and Mozambique and announcing that TotalEnergies will shortly restart its US$20 billion gas projects in Mozambique – thanks to General Paul Kagame’s armies-for-hire that recaptured the facilities from rebel forces – Patrick Pouyanné jetted to Uganda.

There, Pouyanné announced that TotalEnergies will invest US$10 billion to produce crude oil and gas.

As he put it, “It is a masterpiece of a project and will be achieved at low cost and with a low carbon footprint.”

TotalEnergies will develop oil and gas fields on Lake Albert, build processing facilities, and an export pipeline through Tanzania to carry landlocked Uganda’s crude to a port on the Indian Ocean.

Stay tuned.