Kagame’s Budget Is Stuck

By David Himbara

In 2015/2016, Kagame’s budget was US$2.6 billion – compared to Uganda’s US$5.5 billion, and Tanzania’s at US$12 billion.


In 2016/2017, Kagame budget stagnated at US$2.6 billion. Uganda budget increased to US$7.9 billion, while Tanzania increased to US$13.5 billion.


For 2017/2018, Kagame budget remained basically US$2.6 billion. Uganda’s increased to US8.2 billion, while Tanzania’s increased to US14.3 billion.


Kagame’s Singapore of Africa is clearly not doing well at all. If we take into consideration of Rwanda’s population growth and the depreciation of the Rwandan currency, Kagame’s budget is in fact shrinking.

Many thanks to The East African newspaper for providing the graphics I have used in this piece.