Kagame’s Drums of War Are Beating Loudly Against Uganda

By David Himbara

At the ruling party meeting, General Paul Kagame cautioned what he called “the country to the north of Rwanda” which, according to him, is the only problem state in the region. Kagame warned “the country to the north” that he has built a strong house which is impenetrable to uninvited guests who will be repulsed with ease. Kagame said that he lived and worked in “the country to the north” but has failed to understand its problems.

General Paul Kagame beating war drums

In a speech delivered at the ruling party meeting on April 30, 2021, which brought together over 650 cadres and special guests, General Paul Kagame uttered a remarkably aggressive rhetoric at what he called “the country to the north of Rwanda.” Kagame called Rwanda’s other neighbours by their names, proclaiming that DR Congo and Tanzania have excellent relations with Rwanda and that Burundi is leading the way in improving relations. Here is Kagame’s rhetoric in full:

“We have only four neighbours. We are at peace with them. But we have issues with only one neighbour. We used to have two enemies – the second of the two is the country to our south, which is Burundi. With Burundi we are on the way to understanding one another. Burundians and ourselves seek to live in harmony. Burundi is showing the way. With DR Congo, we have solved our problems and we are collaborating in sorting out previous issues, unlike in previous years. We have never had any problems with Tanzania. We work with them very well. Now, the neighbouring country to the north – they have a question which I have failed to understand. I lived there, I worked with them, but if you ask me the root of their problem with us, I can’t fathom the matter. But what I conclude with regarding this matter is this: I will thatch my house to protect me from the rain. We will install very strong doors so that nobody can force his way in to rob me of my properties. If anyone dares invade my house, I will repulse you without any difficulty.”

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