Kagame’s Latest Development Plan Includes Three Railway Lines Across Rwanda 😂😂

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame’s drawers must be full of development plans that never see the light of the day. His latest is his Presidential Order establishing the National Land Use and Development Masterplan, launched on April 23, 2021. The biggest surprise in Kagame’s latest development masterplan is the fantasy of the railway infrastructure. According to the Masterplan, Rwanda will build three railway lines – the Eastern Line, the Western Line, and the Upper Central Line. The Western line will connect Kigali to Rubavu and Goma in DRC. The Eastern Line will transverse eastern Rwanda from Kagitumba located at the extreme north eastern at the Uganda border running southward to Rusumo at the Tanzanian border. The Upper-Central line is a connector between the Western and Eastern Lines ending up in Kigali. The total length of the Rwandan railways will be 505km. The length of the Western Line will be 125km. The Eastern Line will be 300km, while the length of the Upper Central Line will be 80 km. Will Kagame’s railways ever takeoff? Stay tuned.