Kagame’s New Times Gives Him Failing Grade On The Implementation Of Vision 2020 In Past 20 Years

By David Himbara

On May 4, 2020, The New Times reminded us that in 2000, the government of General Paul Kagame laid out an ambitious plan, Vision 2020, to transform Rwanda from an agrarian to a knowledge-based economy. The newspaper gives the government a failing grade in water and sanitation, waste management, sewage and liquid waste management, and waste management outside Kigali. Here are the New Times’ own words.

Water and Sanitation

In water and sanitation services, “water supplied in urban areas is 187,293 cubic metres per day compared to water demand of 290,038 cubic metres.”

Waste Management

In waste management, “a feasibility study for long term solution is under development…Construction of a quick fix liquid waste treatment facility (200 m3/day) is under re-tendering process after the first contractor failed to deliver; we expect to have this facility by December 2020.”

Sewage and liquid waste management

“Construction of Kigali Faecal Sludge treatment plant is in pipeline…The plant will help in treating waste from households’ latrines, public toilets as well as septic tanks.”

Waste management outside Kigali

“The procurement process for the construction of 4 landfills in Musanze, Rubavu, Rusizi and Karongi is ongoing. The project is expected to be complete in FY 2022–2023.”

Stay tuned.