Poor Choices for First Date Ideas That Can Ruin Your Chances

There are plenty of great first date ideas that can pave the way to more dates in the future or even taking things to the next level. Unfortunately, there are also a ton of bad first date ideas that can kill your chances of meeting again or growing your relationship.

Ideally, activity dates involving things that both of you enjoy doing are perfect for first dates. They will not only allow you to learn about each other without talking a lot but will create shared experiences from the start.

Here are some first date ideas that may not be so good when it comes to giving you a chance to go for more dates and move the relationship ahead:

A Mall Date

Most of the time, going for the first date at a mall to shop as you get to know each other does not work well. With all of the interruptions and divided attention between shopping or viewing things and talking, you can only manage to discuss a little. Malls are also quite impersonal and busy and can get crowded at any moment. As such, they cannot offer you and your date a unique experience.

However, it is not always the case that shopping dates are wrong. You could pick a quiet and less busy place like a book store, for example, if you are both book lovers. You may agree to each pick out some books that you enjoyed in high school and currently and then exchange them. You will not only get to know more about each other but you will also have fun. What’s more is that most book stores have cafes where you could grab a bite and a hot drink together.

Family Events

Are you thinking about having your first date at a family function like a birthday party or wedding? Well, this is may not be so good for the first date. It could make your partner feel out of place among many new people and maybe a bit pressurized to act a different way while with your family, especially your parents.

It is an unwritten rule that for the first date, it should be only you and your partner. You need to make them feel that you care about a one-on-one moment with them. Besides, you want to spare them lots of questioning stares and awkward moments.

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Group Activities

It may not be a wise idea to take your date for your first meeting to a group activity, for example with your friends, workmates, or other people. Your partner will feel like they are being judged, which could be true and will feel out of place amid many strangers. You will also not have enough time to interact closely with them. Moreover, having known each other for a long time, you could be a bit casual with some of those people in the group. This could send the wrong message to your date.

First dates should be about you and your partner without intruders or interruptions. You should settle for an activity that will enable you to get to know each other well without being so formal. Doing something that you both enjoy like cooking can be a great idea, but of course, choose a suitable venue, preferably not at you or your partner’s house.