Kagame’s Relentless Attacks on Fred Gisa Rwigema’s Son Are Backfiring

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame’s attacks on Fred Gisa Rwigema’s son, Eric Gisa Rwigema will not stop. The crude attacks began at the wedding of Eric’s sister, Teta.

That was when Kagame viciously assassinated Eric’s character, claiming that the reason Eric was not at the wedding was because he is a stooge of the Ugandan government which is using him to harm Rwanda.

The latest attacks on Eric featured in one of Kagame’s propaganda newspapers, Igihe.com, which maliciously claimed that Eric is involved in all manner of anti-Rwanda terror groups sponsored by the Ugandan government.

The writing was so bad that even Kagame could not stomach the garbage written about Eric Gisa Rwigema and his father.

Within hours, Igihe.com deleted the article. Kagame’s attacks on Eric are backfiring – reviving instead the killing of his father at the hands of the Kagame-led Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) 21 years ago.

Stay tuned.