How to Advertise Your Online Business

Reach out to new customers with a gift

Getting ahead in business is a little different nowadays than how it used to be. Once upon a time, having a shop on the high street and a product or service that people needed was all that was necessary to make a good living, but thanks to the invention of the internet things have changed. We live in a more global community now, like people fast search where people can easily search elsewhere to satisfy their needs. Thankfully this can work in your favor. You just need a few tips to help you get started.

Reach New Customers With a Gift

One of the most effective marketing methods is to give your customer a free gift. In the world of food and drinks, this could be a free sample in the supermarket. In the online world, you’ll see one industry doing it well and often; that’s the online betting sector. They give their customers the option to take a free bet without the need to make a deposit. It’ll cost the customer nothing and it only costs the company if the customer wins money.

Think carefully about what your business can afford to give away to gain a new customer, and also consider what your customer would like to receive. There’s no wrong way to employ this technique, as long as the value that the new customer brings to your business exceeds the financial value of the gift you gave away. Remember that this value is not only measured by how much a customer spends with your company. It could also be the friends that they introduce to your brand, or the positive feedback that they leave online.

It can be tricky to calculate the cost accurately, so spend some time on the sums before launching your giveaway and be willing to readjust as your campaign continues.

Get to Know Your Customer With Social Media

The type of social media that your customer uses will change hugely depending on age and social status

There’s so much noise surrounding social media marketing at the moment that it can be difficult to distinguish what works from what doesn’t. There are two main steps to getting a return on your time spent on social media marketing. The first is to find out which platforms your target market uses. After all, you don’t want to be advertising solely on Facebook, when your young target market are using TikTok and Snapchat exclusively.

Once you’ve figured out where your customers spend their time, you need to focus your energies on creating good quality content. Don’t worry so much about the frequency of your posts. People will always prefer engaging informative posts over poor quality filler.

If you find things are really working out for you then you might even consider getting an influencer on board. The right influencer can be revolutionary, so spend plenty of time doing your research and finding someone who embodies the values of your brand.