When I was recently asked to prove that Kagame’s Singapore of Africa is a big lie, I was astonished that some people still believe that Rwanda has spectacularly transformed.

I asked my interrogators to look at the latest World Bank data to see for themselves the illusion of Kagame’s Singapore. Here is what they found when they compared Kagame’s Singapore with its East African neighbours:

* Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product was $34.3bil in 2011 and climbed to $38.3bil in 2012 – an increase of $4bil in one year;

* Tanzania’s GDP was $23.8 bil in 2011 and grew to $28.2bil in 2012 – an increase of over $4bil in one year;

* Uganda’s GDP was $16.8bil in 2011 and increased to $19.8bil in 2012 – an increase of $3bil in one year;

* Kagame’s Singapore GDP was $6.3bil in 2011 nd crawled to $7.1bil in 2012 – an increase of less than $bil in one year.

Further afield, Haiti outperformed Kagame’s Singapore. Haiti’s GDP in 2011 was $7.3bil which grew to $7.8bil in 2012.

Dr David Himbara


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