Kagame’s Visit With Museveni Was Followed By Embarrassing Revelations Of How Rwandan Agents Captured Uganda’s Ministry Of Internal Affairs

By David Himbara

A day after President Paul Kagame’s visit to normalize relations with Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni took strong actions against Kagame’s capture of Uganda’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. The shocking details are revealed in TheNew Vision newspaper. I summarize here the highlights from The New Vision:

  • President Museveni has sacked senior immigration officials after the discovery that Rwandan operatives who forcibly repatriated Rwandan refugees used Ugandan passports.
  • The director for citizenship and immigration control and the commissioner for immigration have been sacked.
  • Rwandan operatives acquired Uganda passports to enable them to freely operate in Uganda causing chaos in the Internal Affairs Ministry — this is what prompted President Museveni to act.
  • While in Uganda, Rwandan state agents disguise as bodaboda riders and special hire taxi drivers.
  • The dozens of Rwandans refugees illegally repatriated were picked from various protection centers and refugee camps in Uganda.
  • The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees complained to the Government.
  • The repatriation soiled Uganda’s image — Uganda has the best refugee policy across the globe.
  • These acts had already resulted in earlier arrests by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, nine policemen, including the former commandant of the Police’s Professional Standards Unit, Joel Aguma and the former commandant of the disbanded Special Operations Unit, Nickson Agasirwe.
  • The Ugandan policemen, together with a Rwandan army officer and a Congolese, were charged with kidnapping Rwandan refugees and repatriating them to Rwanda without their consent.

Dear Kagame, you don’t learn, do you? It seems to me that you ought to reflect on your addiction to causing violence and chaos in the neighborhood. Surely, it is impossible to lead the African Union institutions and the continental free market while your thuggish behavior destroys the environment for both.