Kagame’s Volkswagen Never Fails To Shock

By David Himbara

Its Newly-Announced CEO Is A Youth Worker In Mrs. Kagame’s Imbuto Foundation. In Any Event, We Hope Volkswagen Cars Will Roll Off The Kigali Assembly Line In May 2018 As Per Plan.

Back in 2016, Kagame and Volkswagen signed a memorandum of understanding for building Volkswagen cars in Rwanda. This is how Volkswagen explained its venture in Rwanda:

”The concept includes car sharing and ride hailing services as well as the establishment of a local production facility in accordance with the environmental standards of Volkswagen’s Think Blue. The vehicles required for the new mobility solutions in Rwanda are to be taken entirely from local production. Volkswagen South Africa is forging ahead with this initiative in Rwanda together with Volkswagen’s Kenyan partner DT Dobie based on current experience from the establishment of production in Kenya.”

The Rwandan press was so impressed that it celebrated the made-in-Rwanda Volkswagen cars which were to hit the Rwandan roads by 2017. KT Press bombastically celebrated as follows:

”Rwandans who are making resolutions for New Year are now allowed to add on their list ‘driving a Made in Rwanda brand new car before the end of next year-2017’.”

We are in now in 2018. Volkswagen just announced a major step. It has finally hired a CEO for its Rwanda Volkswagen venture. Who is the new CEO?

Michaella Rugwizangoga, VW CEO

Meet Michaella Rugwizangoga, the Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda. Rugwizangoga sounds ready to build cars. This is her statement on her appointment:

“Being asked to start and run a new company from the ground up, whilst having the opportunity to implement a world first in mobility solutions for Volkswagen, is a challenge I relish and am looking forward to. The conducive local environment is also the ideal springboard for future expansions across the African continent.”

We hope that her current employer, Mrs. Jeannette Nyiromongi Kagame, and her Imbuto Foundation, won’t miss Michaella Rugwizangoga too much.

Rugwizangoga training Rwandan youth at Imbuto Foundation

She has been the project officer helping Rwandan youth to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. That is rather a steep jump from youth empowerment to car manufacturing.

Most importantly, we wish Rugwizangoga the best in building Volkswagen cars in Rwanda. And we pray that the cars will roll off the Kigali manufacturing assembly in May 2018, as per plan.