Paul Kagame

What a contrast?

For whom the so called development which is being pronounced so much about Rwanda under Paul Kagame should be if to develop Rwanda gives him a guarantee to continue killing human being without borders like butterflies or mosquitoes?

For Kagame Paul since he has lied to everyone that he has brought development in Rwanda, that implies that he has to continue killing Rwandan people like he was doing it when he was still a rebel! It is like he still thinks he is still in the forests where he came from when he attacked Rwanda from Uganda in 1990.

This is a challenge that I continue to pose to the supporters of the dictator Paul Kagame and his lobbyists who in response to the questions about his perpetual gross human rights violations always utter such words like see he has developed Rwanda so fast that all African countries look up to him! Which group of people in this world would wish to have a leader who is killing them with exchanging of the so called development?

Does a country to develop need to lose so many lives of its people?

Do people understand the value and meaning of human life?

In this world it looks like people have lost sense of human life! Why everyone is being alerted over terrorism?

Why are some people are being put on the list of wanted ones because of their terrorism and crimes against humanity?

Why Paul Kagame is still an exception whereby he has to continue killing and being supported heavily with the pretext of development in Rwanda?

Who could not have developed Rwanda during 23 years that he has been on power in Rwanda? How many leaders and intellectuals he has eliminated during his reign who could have even taken Rwanda further than it is now if it was hi who was an obstacle?

As far as I know Paul Kagame is trying to cling to power in Rwanda in order to evade justice for his direct role in Rwandan genocide, looting of RDC and killing people in Congo and other crimes against humanity and not because of the so called development.

If Paul Kagame was not afraid of justice then he would not have perpetual paranoia and phobia! Paul Kagame has fooled so much the world and the world has too allowed itself to be fooled by him.

Kagame Paul is using Rwandan people as his own business. He is enriching himself using the Rwandan people while continuing starving them deliberately and willingly. No wonder when there is hunger, famine and other disasters in Rwanda he does not want them to be revealed outside for help, because he does not care about Rwandan citizens.

Paul Kagame has exploited so much the “ignorance” of the international community by his perpetual lies about what happens in Rwanda. Because of his very well paid lobbyists Paul Kagame knows very well what the international community wants to hear from any countries and that is why he contents himself with manipulating and fabricating figures, because he knows what the expectations of the donors and well-wishers are.

So he is aware of that they want him to tell them about either true or not true, his aim is to make them believe in what he gives to them rather than telling them the reality. So he gives them what they want to hear and not what is the reality on the ground.

If killing human beings is not a crime for Paul Kagame, then how can he see that lying about economic situation is a crime too? How can’t he then find it normal to invade countries like RDC, Burundi and others any time he wants? Is it really worthy to support a killer because he is developing the country? Do good leaders don’t develop their countries? Should development be a reason of killing human beings?

Development is meant to be for people and not for trees or stones. When you say that you are developing a country while you are killing people, then it means that the development you are talking about it is yours. There is nothing which is above the human life. When you kill, you don’t even deserve to live too.

You are supposed also to die so that you feel how those you kill feel when you kill them and not continuing mocking them that you have a reason to be killing them just because you are developing a given country! Those who are supporting Paul Kagame should know that they are calling more terrorism in this world and they should think about so many lives that are being lost during terrorist attacks here and there. Terrorism is a global human threat regardless of who does it or where he comes from or colors or nature.

Kagame Paul is the mother of terrorism in this world. He is an incarnation of terrorism. There can never be any worse terrorist in this world than Paul Kagame. Let us therefore not continue to pretend that we are fighting terrorism in the world while on one hand we are supporting a killer of millions and millions of human beings in the history of this world. Let’s us not allow Paul Kagame continuing hiding himself behind the so called “fast” and “miraculous” development which even Rwandan people are not able to benefit from.

I would like to challenge the whole world to help Rwandan people be relieved of this enemy of human life, Paul Kagame. They can help us keep him in Hague in Netherlands so that he continues bringing his “miracle economic development” there while leaving to Rwandan people a chance to be, to exist live well and continue to enjoy their God’s given precious gift of life!

Evidences are more than enough and ever ready. What Rwandan people need now is to see a court which is aimed at arresting and judging the criminal in office, Paul Kagame! Rwanda could have developed without Paul Kagame.

And Rwanda will still be developed without Paul Kagame! We want a Rwanda which is free from intimidations, disappearances and systematic killings done by Paul Kagame under the pretext of development. Where we can live in calm, peace and tranquility and not under perpetual state of emergency and military patrols!

Amani Mahoro Peace