Amid of heavy fighting between RPF of Kagame Paul and the government of Rwanda in 1994 especially with the capital city of Kigali, when RPF was determined to capture it, the international community and UN were discussing on how to send more troops to Rwanda to help MINUAR in standing between the 2 belligerent groups so that they prevent from lots loss of human lives in Rwanda but Paul Kagame and RPF sent a delegation to UN security council to strongly warn them of attacking them of the came to Rwanda. Kagame Paul was afraid to be blocked by the same troops from capturing power in Rwanda. He never wanted the UN intervention. Kagame Paul was not interested in the human lives but in conquering Rwanda by the bullets. It happened. Paul Kagame won the war but through blood shedding.

Paul Kagame used Rwandan genocide like a bridge to use to arrive to power in Rwanda. He did it and he succeeded but after killing so many people. When he settled and became confident that now he is the ruler the conqueror he started again blaming the same UN and international community for not intervening in Rwanda as to reason why there was the Rwandan genocide. France decided to send the troops to save civilians though the “operation turquoise “so that at least not a big number might be killed in Rwanda but Paul Kagame in his many interviews and speeches still accused and condemned them for having blocked him from eliminating all of them as he had planned it. Is this really normal for a man who again claims to have saved the people in Rwanda?

What happens in this world when we hear even a single voice of a person that claims to be a member of ISIS? That person can’t live even one day without being arrested or even killed! But who is Paul Kagame to still boasting about killing so many millions of people and he will ever stop until he dies but he still receives awards, rewards and heavy supports? Despite knowing that Paul Kagame is anti-human life, he is still continuously however and unfortunately giving himself a credit to say that he has stopped genocide “alone” like a grand personality or actor or performer in a movie” and as if he is innocent in what happened in Rwanda! It is very ridiculous for whoever who is still believing in the lies of serial killer Paul Kagame! Worse again and sadly Kagame Paul still exploits the international guilty of not having saved Rwanda while he knows that he never wanted the support.

It is like Paul Kagame has also conquered the whole world by his terrorism. It is like He is too running the world by his intimidation, terror and fear by which he has subjected Rwandan people! When he assaulted the constitution of Rwanda in order to allow himself to rule for ever, many Rwandans, friends of Rwanda, UN and international community have warned him against the same move since it is one of the factors that led to the Rwandan genocide but sadly and unfortunately Paul Kagame refused, he went ahead and he changed the constitution.
Paul Kagame is being begged by the same international community to allow freedom and democracy in Rwanda and he is stubbornly saying that he should be left alone with his conquered territory of Rwanda. Kagame Paul repeatedly said that he has nothing to learn from the same international community, but Kagame again knows very well that he can’t survive even a year without a help from the same international community. What does Kagame Paul wants? Whom does Kagame Paul is trying to fool again? Whom Paul Kagame is trying to deceive again? Kagame Paul thinks that he has stored a lot of wealth from Rwanda and RDC minerals but he should know that “no man is an island!

Rwanda is a country that has signed a number of universal protocols and laws to which it has to adhere. Rwanda can’t afford to stand isolated from the global world view. Paul Kagame forgets that even in African cultures they say that “I am because we are!” Kagame Paul is just trying to pull Rwanda back to the dark moments of 1990s where he took it again because of his selfish political interests. Paul Kagame should listen to advice from the people who have gone through the same experience before him. Paul Kagame should stop trying to make himself a deaf, blind or he has to tell the whole world if he has just gone mad.

Amani Mahoro Peace