Let us Pray for Rwanda’s infrastructure

The state of Rwanda’s most vital infrastructure – electricity, water, and sanitation – is total shambles. I have been writing about this for some time, and under constant attacks for my “lies.” But now, the 2014 Auditor General’s Report not only confirms my “lies” but offers a far worse situation.

What is the situation?

In electricity generation for example:

* Six (6) out of 7 new micro hydropower plants broke down after less than 1 year of operations due to lack of spare parts.

* Total cost of repairs shot up to US$23.7million from US$15.1mil, an increase of US$8.5mil.

In water:

* Customer billing has collapsed.
* Stock such as water pipes are not being installed but rotting in shambolic stores; quantity or quality unknown.

What is the problem here?

The whole agency is in shambles as indicated by the following:

* EWSA does not have any strategic plan, nor plans for each of its three core responsibilities – power, water and sanitation.

* EWSA does not have operational capacity – almost everything under its care are currently “unknown”, including customers, finances and stock.

* EWSA’s losses, mismanagement, and all forms incompetence are costing taxpayers billions of Rwanda Francs annually.

* EWSA’s Oracle software that was expected to assist the agency to take charge of its operations in 2010 is yet to be used. The Oracle software cost US$1.1million.

Who runs EWSA?

The Director General is Ntare KARITANYI.

The Board of Directors are:

* MUSAFIRI Papias Malimba, Chairman of the Board
* UMUGWANEZA Clementine, Deputy Chairperson of the Board
* IRIBONEYE Jean Claude,
Board Member
* RWEMA Alice, Board Member
* NGARAMBE Peter, Board Member
* BAHUNDE Teta, Board Member
* SEBABI Bosco, Board Member
* Ntare KARITANYI, Director General

What of the Parent Ministry of Infrastructure?

In the last 5 years, the Ministry has had 4 ministers, and 4 Permanent Secretaries. On average that almost one minister one year, and one PS per year. This key ministry is most unstable with the highest leadership and management turnover in Rwanda government.

There you have it. The “Singapore of Africa” will be in the dark for sometime to come. On our knees, let us pray.

David Himbara