PS-Imberakuri expresses its gratitude to FDLR leaders

On this Friday 30th May 2014 at Katiku, Buleasa, Walikale in Kivu Northern province, DR Congo took place the long waited historical event of politico-military organization FDLR to lay down its weapons in front and presence of DR Congo, Southern African Development Countries (SADC) and international community such as UN, USA, EU, UK, France, Holland, MONUSCO… without forgetting international journalism agencies and PS-Imberakuri party which had proclaimed to attend the event and it was represented by its vice-president Mr. Alexis BAKUNZIBAKE,

The PS-Imberakuri informs all Rwandans, friends of Rwanda and our members the following statement:

– The political party PS-Imberakuri was pleased by Yesterday’s uppermost event of peace restoration in the region and removal of all hurdles induced by Rwandan regime in order to stoke up regional instability and reject peaceful negotiation with its political opposition.

– The political party PS-Imberakuri expresses its gratitude to FDLR leaders to have implemented the event on the above stated date as promised, by showing up their bravery as they have always shown it for around 20 years by protecting refugee survivors who were to be finished systematically exterminated by RPF regime which still wants to exterminate all of them.

– The political party PS-Imberakuri expresses its appreciation to SADC, the government of DR Congo and international community to ceaselessly searching peace in the region and to have determined to take the refugee combatants who laid down weapons and their families under its responsibility and to fully protect them where they were conveyed in camps under SADC‘s protection until they will return in their home country dignified.

– The political party PS-Imberakuri publicly reiterates its criticism to the Kigali regime led by RPF to have boycotted the stated event in which it was invited, and continues to be adamant to searching peaceful solutions in the region and to Rwandans, and it continues to kill, jail and cruelly torture the latter where the majority of Rwandans are nowadays sleepless and expect anytime to be abducted for no reason or because of their opinions.

We once again tell Rwandans not to be anxious thinking that Kigali dictatorial regime will attack these refugees to massacre them in its extended plan to exterminate Hutu refugees and its dissidents, and to make all Rwandans its slave, if it dares to attack them, it will be an attack to SADC and international community. Hence we believe that it can’t try such mistake, instead we reiterate our request to heed and accept peaceful negotiation with all its opposition parties in order to resolve all Rwandans political issues and search for sustainable peace and freedom in our country.

We also call international community to urge Kigali regime to stop its inhuman acts of killing, abduction and imprisonment of Rwandans for no reason, and embrace peaceful negotiation with its political dissidents instead of hunting and assassinate them worldwide.

The political party PS-Imberakuri keeps up exhorting Rwandans to conquer the fear and fight against the abuse of their rights, continued persecution, imprisonment and killing them for no reason as their country was given to them by the clique of Kigali regime and even the God who created the country for them to live in, tells the latter to live in harmony one another.

Have peace of God!

For PS-Imberakuri



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