Make the Most of Your Winter With Snow Updates

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Well, when winter storms take you by surprise by canceling flights or icing the roads, winter can leave you stuck inside with nothing to do. What’s even worse is the opposite scenario. The perfect snowstorm comes along and cancels school or lays down some fresh powder on the slopes, and you miss out by not planning accordingly. But what if there were mobile apps that could help you plan for winter weather? You’d be able to stay safe during storms and plan for the entertainment of the enjoyable conditions. You might just have the best winter ever. 

While I was looking online the other day, planning ahead for my personal “best winter ever”, I found this page full of mobile apps that provide updates on snowstorms and other conditions that can make or break your winter vacation activities. 

Best Snow Report Apps

With mobile apps that can update you on winter weather and offer accurate snow reports, you’ll be able to stay informed, know when school will close, and even search for the best skiing and snowboarding hot spots this season. 

Stay Up to Date on Storms

If you live in an area where snow storms can happen quickly, with severe effects, you know how important advanced warning can be. You know the feeling of forgetting to check the weather at night only to wake up to windshield full of ice and snow all over your driveway. If these conditions pop up without your anticipation, you might be late to work without being able to give them notice. 

Also, you need to be prepared with supplies for severe snowstorms. In snowy climates, you’ll typically head into the winter prepared for power outages and being snowed-in. However, after the first storm or after a few weeks of limited outside activity, you might end up using more supplies than you thought. If you’re caught by surprise by a storm, you may find yourself unprepared. 

And of course, snowstorms don’t always have to be bad news. When you hear of a big snowstorm at your favorite ski resort, it might be a good time to book the first trip of the season. 

Hear About School Closings First

Along with being prepared with supplies, parents need to be ready for when school will be closed. Sometimes, schools close for inclement weather, but their parents still have to go into work. If you’re a parent, that can be a difficult situation. With advanced notice on incoming storms, however, you can give your work advanced warning that you may have to stay home. 

Furthermore, you won’t be the only one appreciating the advanced notice. Your kids will have a much more enjoyable night at the house if they know that school will be canceled the next day rather than finding out in the morning. Advanced warnings from these helpful mobile apps provide fun opportunities for the whole family. 

Compare Ski Destinations

Now, if you want your winter to be a little bit more adventurous than school cancellations and storm-prepping, you’ll probably make plans for a ski trip. With so many excellent choices, what’s the best way to decide? 

There may be a few resorts with better accommodations or ski slopes more suited for your ability, but these apps give you another deciding factor: where’s the best snow going to be, and when? If you use snow record apps, you can check up on the dates of your potential trip from previous years and see where the best skiing conditions were. 


You might be getting prepared for the worst of winter or planning ahead for the most enjoyable features of the season. Either way, snow record mobile apps will be at your fingertips for the journey.