Mr MUTARAMBIRWA Théobald is not any more in charge of the social party PS IMBERAKURI activities

Referring to the recent publications in the newspapers and on Internet about Mr MUTARAMBIRWA Théobald, Secretary General of the social party PS IMBERAKURI until November 2010, which publications mentioning the “launching of the common front fclr – UBUMWE” whose Mr MUTARAMBIRWA Théobald would be the coordinator, the social party PS IMBERAKURI informs the Rwandan, the friends of Rwanda and the IMBERAKURI in particular of what follows:

1. As it appears in the appendices of the present, Mr MUTARAMBIRWA Théobald made spoken about him at the end of November 2010 whereas another press release untitled « RASSEMBLEMENT POUR LIBERATION DU RWANDA-UBUMWE» (RLR-UBUMWE), «RWANDESE LIBERATION-RALLY-UBUMWE » was made public;

2. At this time, as we explained, if so indeed Mr MUTARAMBIRWA Théobald was near or by far concerned by this official statement, that engaged only him personally. It is because of that the competent bodies of the party replaced him together with other persons in charge, who, for various reasons were not able to fulfil their duties any more. The Management Committee of the party was thus elected on August 13, 2011;

3. That is then more than two years that Mr MUTARAMBIRWA Théobald is not any more in charge of the social party PS IMBERAKURI activities, which by there wants to say that its actions do not engage in anything the social party IMBERAKURI which he has been one of the responsible or any other responsible elected by the National Council;

4. The fact that the web newspaper AfroAmerica Network in its article evokes the names of certain persons in charge as Mr Jean – Baptiste RYUMUGABE who would be in collaboration with Mr MUTARAMBIRWA Théobald in this above mentioned action is the work of the power of Kigali and his goal is to only continue to try to destabilize and destroy the social party PS IMBERAKURI. This attempt of destabilization aiming the persons in charge of the party intensified since the Secretary General of the party, Mrs Immaculate UWIZEYE KANSIIME is in work visit in Europe and that she held a press conference on January 25th in Brussels in Belgium together with Mr Jean – Baptiste RYUMUGABE, representative of the party in Europe.

5. After our press release N° 002/P.S.IMB/013 of January 30, 2013, which denounced the intimidations of the power against the responsibles of the party, we got information in progress by the secret services of the FPR on the person of Mr Jean – Baptiste RYUMUGABE. This assertion of AfroAmerica Network confirms then that their finality was well this one. One will ask also for the connection with this other article published by the same newspaper on January 27, 2013.

By creating the social party PS IMBERAKURI, our objective was for the Rwandan ones to work for the democracy by peaceful way and the respect of the basic rights of each one. It is that which frightens the power of Kigali, which tries to do every thing in order to destroy the social party PS IMBERAKURI completely by sticking to him this label of creation of an armed front.


Done in Kigali on February 9, 2013


First Vice Président