Musanze grenade attack:FCLR-Ubumwe urges the Government of Rwanda to insure the people’s protection


In light of the cowardly grenade attack that took place in the Musanze area on Jan 27,2014; the Common Front for the Liberation of Rwanda (FCLR-Ubumwe),wishes to communicate to the people of Rwanda and friends of Rwanda the following:

*First, FCLR-Ubumwe would like to express the most sincere and deep sympathies towards all of those who were wounded in this attack, and wish them a speedy and full recovery, and our prayers go out to them and their loved ones.

*FCLR-Ubumwe urges the Government of Rwanda to insure the people’s protection, against these types of terrorist acts that have seen an increase in recent days. Ever since, the opposition parties started their activities in 2010, the Government claims that these senseless grenade attacks against innocent people are the work of the opposition; and keeps blaming the FDLR and its allies without any proof. Yet, to this day none of the people, who were arrested for allegedly being perpetrators of these heinous acts, has ever appeared in court, in order for the Government to demonstrate to the whole world who is really the mastermind behind these crimes. One wonders what is lacking for this to take place.

*It is worth noting that this attack took place just days after the FCLR-Ubumwe announced its open cooperation with other parties that are opposed the RPF regime; after a number of those parties expressed their support to this cooperation, as well as the ongoing negotiation between FCLR-Ubumwe and several other political formations.

*It is also no coincidence that this terrorist act took place soon after President Kagame ordered his security forces, on Jan 12, 2014, to start hunting down those who do not share his political views. There is no doubt that this cowardly act is part of the ongoing intimidation campaign orchestrated by the regime.

*The FCLR-Ubumwe is extremely concerned by the total disregard for the lives of our brothers and sisters by these criminal elements, and the government’s failure to take the necessary measures to protect the people. This proves that this regime does not care about the welfare of our people.

*The FCLR-Ubumwe strongly urges the Rwandese people to maintain the spirit of love and solidarity towards each other, so that we can all work together peacefully to unmask these killers whose intentions are to exterminate us. If the Government is unable to provide us with adequate security, we must stand together and insure our own security. Otherwise, these criminals will keep picking us one by one.

*FCLR-Ubumwe sends out this most urgent appeal to the International Community, to impress upon the RPF regime the fact that the lasting solutions to our country’s problems can only be achieved through direct negotiations, to be held as soon as possible. Threats, intimidations, and terrorist acts can only go so far.

Walikale, 01-28-2014

Major General Victor BYIRINGIRO

President, FCLR-UBUMWE