Rwandan Diplomat in Great Turmoil:Olivier Nduhungirehe’s true nature has been exposed.

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Hostile exchanges erupted earlier this week between the Rwandan Permanent Representative to the United Nations and his former friends as compromising confidences appeared in the social media networks. A series of Olivier Nduhungirehe’s emails that were written between the 2003 and 2005 reveal how the newly hired Hutu official was in a very awkward positionamong Tutsi fellows of whom he said « They hate me ».

Mr. Nduhungirehe indicated in one email that the current President of Rwanda, General Paul Kagame, is responsible for the massacre of Hutu population in Kibeho and in Congo. The Diplomat reacted violently on Twitter by attacking relatives of the alleged whistleblower and threatening to expose other people’s secrets.

(Photo: L-The late Patrick Karegeya, R- Olivier Nduhungirehe)

It all started with a photo on social media.

The photo (above right) was taken at The Hague in Brussels circa 2002 as confirmed by the gentleman on the left Minister Counsellor, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Olivier Nduhungirehe. The man on the right is the recently murdered Patrick Karegeya, former spy chief under the current Government of Rwanda who later went into exile and started an opposing political party in order to challenge the ruling regime in Rwanda. The Photographer has confirmed to this writer that the picture is his legal property. He furether stated that, “The setting was a private event in which we were all invited and then Karegeya showed up invited by one the hosts. He was at the time approaching youth in exile to convince to go back to their home country.”

During these years while Patrick Karegeya was working for President Paul Kagame, he would often travel to find Rwandan youth and encourage them to return home. A former government official told me that, “Patrick was a man by whom most of the intellectual Hutus and former Habyarimana’s regime dignitaries were repatriated and integrated into the RPF regime either to become themselves top notable or to get back their old belongings. Myself, I did recommend people who were afraid to return to Rwanda for fear of being persecuted for having been with the former regime. We had to get clearance from Patrick, who was the external boss, and he would even help them to rise within the system and even protect them against jealousy and envy from some Tutsis in higher spheres and even general population.”

He further stated that, “Patrick did some great favours unseen toward a lot of these peoples talking about him nowadays” Including the man to the right of him in the picture above.

Olivier Nduhungirehe returned to Rwanda and soon joined the current ruling political party in Rwanda under the leadership of President Paul Kagame. Mr. Nduhungirehe advocates for the Government of Rwanda at the United Nations in many capacities but most often he is found disagreeing with the UN Group of Experts and their findings on the role Rwanda is currently playing in Eastern DRC via their proxy force the M23. He can be seen here denying the most recent accusations of the Group of Experts report on DRC.

So, why does any of this information matter?

This information matters because anyone who engages with Mr. Nduhungirehe on social media knows he supports President Kagame with every statement he makes and if anyone disagrees with him they become “genocidaires” or “obsessed with Rwanda.” He personifies the Government of Rwanda unwritten statement that “you are either with us or you are against us.” Mr. Nduhungirehe blindly supports his boss and every directive he is given.

But, recently there was a crack in the veneer of this undying support and worship of President Paul Kagame. Mr. Nduhungirehe recently responded with venom regarding the death of the man whom he sits next to in the picture above. Patrick Karegeya was found strangled in a luxury hotel in South Africa on New Year’s Day. Investigations are ongoing by the South African police and no arrests have been made yet but Mr. Nduhungirehe made callous remarks, as directed by his government, about this former friend on social media. His remarks launched outrage by many and the above photo surfaced. This writer posted the photograph on Twitter with the following comment:

His response to my post was typical of his behavior and intellect threatening to post “private” pictures of me on Twitter. Mr. Nduhungirehe has none and posted nothing. Others became involved in this conversation and soon the lid blew off and this UN representative that bullies those on social media was exposed for who he really is.

 Emails heard around the world

The following emails are of a personal nature and sent fromOlivier Nduhungirehe to an undisclosed friend. This writer has had the translation checked by two separate and unrelated translators to be sure the French to English wording is correct.

When reading these emails it is important to note that Mr. Nduhungirehe was NOT a member of the RPF at the time nor did he work for the government at the time these emails were sent. So, what is the point of publishing them? The point is the greater story of how those who work for the Government of Rwanda have to “tow the party narrative” without question or face severe consequences. These emails are an example of how Mr. Nduhungirehe once believed and then when he began working for the government it is obvious his “narrative” changed.

English Translation:

“You are absolutely right… on the second paragraph. Sindikubwabo and Kambanda have never been a priority in my mind. It is like if Twagiramungu and Rwigema were arrested (I was going to mention Bizimungu, poor him) for the massacres of Kibeho and Congo.

As for me, the real perpetrators of the massacres are Bagosora and Nzirorera on the MRND’s side and Kagame on RPF’s side.

For the first one, The PSD fought against Habyarimana’s regime. Period. There was never a question in debats of possible hierarchy. He criticized ethnism, regionalism, and nepotism, brief everything that characterized Habyarimana’s regime.”

End Translation

Later Olivier Nduhungirehe continued to communicate about the situation inside Rwanda and had some very interesting opinions that he voiced: (English translation below)

English Translation:

In fact, I mean Tutsis who hate the Hutus for the simple fact that they are Hutus. They detest me too as they hate any Hutus. and vice -verso. I do not know when I will be back, although it is impossible before December 2005 after one year of work. But you must delete all my messages.



Okay, I will never publish them. but who told you many Tutsis hate you. Dont’ you just blame them for no reason? What do you think it would be the reason? When you coming back in Belgium anyway? Be well!


I beg you, do not publish this! In fact, it would have to be a Martian not to recognize this intellectual Hutu from Butare. regionalist, PSD, “negationist” and named Patrick! In addition, I say that many Tutsi detest me, which would be very unpopular here. I thought it was for Gustave in order to have reasons for that contradictions that I always had, but publish that, it would be very bad for me. In revenge, what you can do is discuss with me the subject and it will at least clear that I’m not hiding and in addition I would avoid certain expressions.

Be well,


End translation

Olivier Nduhungirehe’s true nature has been exposed. He blamed his boss, the president of Rwanda for the massacre at Kibeho where 4,000 people were murdered on his orders.  How the Government of Rwanda, specifically President Paul Kagame, will respond to these, now public, email remains to be seen. President Kagame is known for having people assassinated who have spoken against him. This writer hopes that Mr. Nduhungirehe does not meet this fate but his true nature must be exposed because he is a representative at the United Nations. Being assigned to such a position requires a leader who can control his temper and mannar in any situation. He has already proven that he is not able to do this.

Jennifer Fierberg