New Rwanda Constitution Has Thrown the Kagames Under the Bus

The new Rwanda Constitution is a nightmare for the Kagames. Unknowingly, the Kagames have thrown boomerang, which will soon return to its point of origin and hit them. The boomerang is Article 113 – “Non prosecution of a former President of the Republic” which reads as follows:

“A former President of the Republic shall not be prosecuted for high treason or grave and intentional breach of the Constitution when no proceedings in respect to such an offence were brought against him/her during his/her term of office.”

Do the Kagames have a lawyer at all? What kind of attorney general does Rwanda have? A lawyer would have warned Kagame that this article is admission of guilt. Worse. There are proceedings against President Kagame already. In the US, a case against him was put aside because Obama Government applied for immunity for Kagame on the basis that he is a sitting president. The Congo Mapping Report says that if tried in court of law, Kagame’s Rwanda may be indictable for crimes against humanity including genocide.

Now, here is Kagame telling the world through Article 113 that he does not want to be prosecuted for high treason and other grave crimes when he leaves office. In other words, he has admitted he committed these crimes.

The Rwandan Constitution has thrown the Kagames under the bus.

Dr David Himbara