New Times Has Challenged His Government to Deal with the Latest Mess in Rwanda’s Education Sector

The New Times is the undisputed propaganda tool for General Paul Kagame. The New Times’ mobilizes the people of Rwanda to blindly follow the ruler and fights “the enemies” of the regime.

But on December 7, 2021, the New Times played an unusual role – the newspaper criticized the regime’s latest failure in Rwanda’s messed up education sector.

In an editorial titled “Investigate national exams fiasco”, the New Times asked the regime to investigate serious flaws in the marking of national exams, “including a case where an entire class at a Rwamagana school received the same grade in one paper.”

The New Times then demanded that the Kagame government take decisive action to clean up the mess: “We call on the Ministry of Education to get to the bottom of the exams fiasco, communicate the findings and take appropriate corrective measures.

Only then shall they restore public confidence in the integrity of the national examination.” We must give credit to the New Times this time around.

The paper has for once done what normal newspapers do – informing and empowering all members of society.

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