Norway: The order of don’t associate with ibigarasha if you can’t kill them!

Eurade Bwitare and Aimable Bayingana

By Kayumba Rugema

In scared top secret meeting which was held in Oslo by RPF terrorist cell code named task force where Aimable Bayingana the man who uses sports to export terrorism of Kagame and Bwayitare from Brussels in Rwandan embassy and Rwandan Ambassador in Nordic countries had come to give orders and to make others sign covenants of serving rpf terrorism as her covenant is clear.

The order which was given by notorious killer Bwayitare was switching off cell phones to deny opposition access to information of their meeting which was being reported in all steps.

Many signed and what shocked some new terrorized refugees who went to sign was man called Sugira Fidel whom they thought has been a member for long best on the way he has been representing RPF in Europe.

Sugira Fidel is the only refugee with Emile Rutagungira we prefer to mention because of threats they have spread across the groups of Rwandan refugees to submission of the terror regime they run out of.

Aimable Bayingana, Fidel Sugira and Eulade Nyilinkindi Bwitare

These two gentle men turned themselves into agents of terror were on crime seen when our fellow Rwandan refugees were protesting against Rwandan abducting and kidnapping refugees and the gang which was under the command of the two managed to confiscate the cards bearing the image of Emmanuel Munyaruguru who was kidnapped in the region where Rwanda is.

The two Refugees as we are in Norway has done all they can to scare many refugees and because of theagents pressure and embassy many out offear including those who came as Congolese and Burundians have come to submission since they didn’t know how to avoid thekillers of Kigali.

People have been given crimes including genocide and terrorism by the gang of these people who came as refugees in Norway who proves to have come for this dirty mission.
What it takes refugees to serve as spy and intending to harm your fellow refugees its very clear in the laws of Norway.

Ambassador meeting refugees in cover of calling them friends of Rwanda is something so shaming and undermine her position.

Hearing Ambassador commanding Rwandans to kill not even isolate as they have been doing fellow refugees in foreign land reminds me Libyan times when they asked to see blood of Libyans on streets Europe fellow opposition real Rwandan refugees they want our blood on streets of Europe where we are protected we better stand up and defend ourselves.

Eulade Bwitare, Ambassador Christine Nkulikiyinka and Aimable Bayingana

We are safer when fighting back than slandering to our merciless killers we are much safer when break the silence to the world our terminator is using aid given to help us and uses it to kill us.

I assure my fellow refugees that we have decided to expose schemes of Kigali preferring to see blood of her nationals shade both at home and across the frontiers.

In 2015 when this cell was beginning we had threats, we got attacks, but we said may be time for reconciliation and dialogue would come as we were writing warning letters to fellow refugees but what next if covenants are signed to not to make us slaves but to kill us?

We have done enough to defend those who needed defense for protection.

We helped protection authority of these countries to know the situations in Rwanda but to our shock people who were serving as interpretors of the very Rwandan refugees are now organizers of their recruitments into terrorists cells.

We are shocked to see those who have been trusted and given jobs in refugees reception are the ones leading teams of killing machineries of Kigali and helping them to have grounds in free country like Norway.

People who attended but didn’t want their names to be known for their security requested us to stand up and ask this country with Rwanda hate and killing policies.