Diane Rwigara arrested for offenses against state security

By Frank Steven Ruta

A source inside Rwanda National Police informed the Rwandan later satuday night that Diane, Adeline, and Anne Rwigara, have been arrested for offenses against state security and other offences and non cooperation with Police.

According to our source it’s not a simple questioning, “we arrested them, we are not going to return them home” “they are now at Remera Police Station” he said.

Police Spokesperson, ACP Theos Badege, confirmed to Taarifa, a Rwanda’s ruling party owned media that during the ongoing investigations, “Police uncovered credible evidence that links the trio to offenses against state security.”

He also said the arrest follows consistent refusal of the suspects to cooperate with the Police and “publicly divulging information that is, by law, supposed to be confidential.”

“Their conduct amounted to a serious obstacle to police investigations and an obstruction to justice,” ACP Badege told Taarifa this morning.

ACP Badege added that, “The law for criminal procedure gives the Police powers to detain a suspect a maximum of five (05) days in order to conclude investigations and decision, based on the evidence, whether or not to forward the case to prosecution.”

“The suspects were informed of their rights including the right to access their legal representatives,” Badege said.